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"We are constantly faced with the challenge of navigating effectively through a myriad of currents, some of which appear unexpectedly, some of which we don't even recognise, many of which are not under our immediate control, and all of which create desire within us or expectations of us to which we must respond in some meaningful way."

A. Roger Merrill, Covey Leadership Centre

The Working Edge:
finding synergy in work and life

Welcome to The Working Edge Pty Ltd

As psychological consultants, our aim is to assist people to "navigate the currents of life" -

  • to achieve their potential in work, leisure and relationships;
  • to gain greater fulfilment from their work and lifestyle;
  • to get a grip on how to get the best out of life.

We work one-on-one, with groups and organisations to promote psychological health, emotional wellbeing and happiness.

Our approach is to work with clients in developing strategies to tackle emotional, psychological or interpersonal challenges and to enhance their sense of direction, meaning and purpose using tools from the fields of cognitive therapy, positive psychology and mindfulness.

"Many things in life are beyond our control .... But there is a vast unclaimed territory of actions over which we can take control - or cede control to others or fate. These actions involve the way we lead our lives, how we deal with other people, how we earn our living - all aspects of existence in which we normally have some degree of choice."

Professor Martin Seligman, Learned Optimism (1990)

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