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Our coaching approach is grounded in research from "positive psychology" - focusing on "what's right" with people, using personal strengths in new and different ways, what works in relationships, and how to sustainably increase overall levels of happiness, satisfaction and well-being.

About Our Coaching Services

In the same way as athletes have coaches to support them in the achievement of their goals, psychological coaching can help us identify our work and life goals, deal with obstacles, keep us on track and motivate us to achieve career or lifestyle enhancements.

Working with a coach can be helpful when:

  • You want a clearer idea of what you want from life or where you are heading (work, relationships, lifestyle, leisure, etc)
  • You need an independent, objective and supportive "external" person to encourage you, challenge you and keep you focussed, committed and on-track;
  • You feel "stuck" or can't seem to find the motivation to change things that are holding you back or interfering with your life's satisfaction.
  • You anticipate or are undergoing a major life transition such as relocation, return to the workforce, retirement or family changes.

At The Working Edge, we offer coaching in:

Work Satisfaction and Life Skills:
using strengths-based and solutions-focussed strategies, we support you to define areas in your life where there are gaps between where you are and what you want, identify what you can control and what you can't, learn constructive ways of managing barriers and problem areas, and implement strategies for change.

Lifestyle Change:
based on the science of positive psychology, we support you in ways to enhance your satisfaction in life and relationships; identify and use your interests and strengths; develop a greater sense of meaning and purpose; and become more resilient to stress and change.

Career Coaching:
we facilitate your exploration of personal interests, strengths, needs, wants and values; guide your research into employment opportunities; and provide support for decision making, goal setting, action planning and job seeking skill development.

Our Coaching Process

Your Working Edge Coach is a registered health professional. This means we have a responsibility and commitment to meet high standards of professional conduct and ethics and to keep our skills and knowledge up-to-date. Confidentiality and privacy are assured.

Our coaching process is based on agreed goals, checkpoints and pacing in consultation with our clients. As a guide the following steps are followed

  • An initial introductory session: this explores your situation and what you would like to achieve or change, and ensures we are both clear about your expectations and what we can deliver.
  • Development of a coaching plan: this clarifies your goals and how we expect the coaching to proceed including number and frequency of sessions, and checkpoints to make sure we are on track. The plan provides structure to the process but of course is flexible and enables us to adapt to changing circumstances or insights.
  • Coaching sessions as agreed: each session provides opportunities to review progress since the previous meeting, to focus the session's agenda, and to establish an action plan. Appropriate resource materials and homework suggestions are supplied to support you in reaching your goals.

We can provide coaching face-to-face or over the telephone as well as email support.

Various coaching packages are available. Please contact us for options and pricing.


Our Principal Coach

Helen Murphy is a psychologist with 20 years experience working with people through change. Her postgraduate research looked at vocational decision making and she has an understanding of both the science and practical implications of human motivation, learning and goal setting.

Helen has undergone training in career coaching and is a 2004 graduate of a six month program in "Authentic Happiness Coaching" with Professor Martin Seligman of "Learned Optimism" fame. If you want to find out more about "Authentic Happiness" and Professor Seligman's work go to www.authentichappiness.org or www.reflectivehappiness.com .

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