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"Time and time and time again - these days- we underestimate the SOCIAL SIDE: The computer, the network, the s-y-s-t-e-m will take care of it. NOT SO! ... The 'quality of conversations' … is, in the end, the determinant of whether the technology pays off. OR NOT. .....................Tom Peters (The Circle of Innovation,1997)

About Our Consulting Services

There are exciting advances occurring in our understanding of how positive psychology can be used in the workplace to enhance performance, satisfaction, morale and team work.

Our consulting services provide a vehicle for organisations wishing to tap this knowledge to identify and develop the strengths of their teams; improve interpersonal communication; and more effectively reward and recognise workers.

What we offer

The Working Edge offers professional consulting and training services that can help organisations to:

  • identify the strengths of their personnel in order to enhance performance, improve the match between workers and their jobs, and identify gaps and training needs;
  • use strategies from positive psychology to enhance social interactions in the workplace which have been found to increase productivity and workplace morale;
  • assess and manage workplace stress (at an organisational, workgroup or individual level);
  • provide psychological counselling and staff support services; and
  • establish systems and strategies to manage workplace injury.

Our consulting approach is needs-based:

  • We tailor our services based on analysis of the organisation's needs and goals in consultation with key personnel.
  • Our analysis aims to inform decision making regarding the value and implementation of the specific project, training or service proposed.
  • We propose a five stage process for consultancy and training service delivery with built in review points.
    • assessment
    • preparation
    • design
    • implementation
    • evaluation

The first step is to have a conversation with us about your needs, ideas and how we might be able to dovetail our services to support your organisational goals.

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